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If you’re already seeing water stains on the walls, moisture is dripping down from somewhere. You should act now and call in the professionals for leak detection. A hidden leak can cause some serious damage to the walls and flooring in your home. Don’t ignore the problem because the leak will probably continue to worsen. The pipe could even rupture and send water flowing, flooding the entire area.

Water Marks on Walls

Water running down walls and onto floors can ruin the wood and drywall that’s absorbing it. The insulation in the wall can become wet and moldy. Aside from stains, the wall could bubble, warp, and eventually crumble. If you are seeing watermarks on the ceiling or walls, it’s time to take action. You don’t want to end up with smelly, unhealthy conditions in your home from mold and mildew growing in the walls.

Drains under showers and tubs can deteriorate and leak, allowing water to run onto the floor below and eventually saturate the ceiling of the room below if it is on an upper-level floor. Leaky water lines to your faucets and showerheads can cause water to run between the walls and onto the floor. Cracked tile or old caulk failing in bathrooms could be allowing water to escape through tub and shower enclosures.

Water supply lines, fittings, and valves all corrode and wear out over time. Nothing lasts forever and mineral deposits from hard water hasten the breakdown of these parts. Appliances with water lines can also be a popular culprit for hidden leaks. Dishwasher lines and lines to refrigerators for water and ice dispensers can spring a leak and soak everything around them. This can destroy the drywall, wood, cabinets, and subflooring below the area.

Leaky Pipes

Leaking pipes and water lines beneath sinks constantly drip and saturate the wooden bottoms of under the sink cabinets that conceal them. Removable parts like p-traps are well-known for coming apart and causing leaks. When the wax ring on a toilet seal goes bad water can leak very easily. The toilet is always full of water so if you have a leak around its base there will probably be wet carpet or flooring around the toilet and it will only get worse. A plumber can come in and get that replaced before the subfloor is ruined.

If you notice a water stain on the ceiling below an upstairs bathroom, you need to pinpoint the leak and get it fixed immediately. Leaks can become a fire hazard as well. If water gets to areas that have electrical wiring you are risking wires shorting out and causing an electrical fire in the wall. Pipes can eventually burst and flood your floors if you’re not careful.

Hire a Professional Leak Detection Expert

The longer you wait to have a plumber perform leak detection, the worse conditions will become until it is repaired. Unchecked leaks can cause expensive damages and unhealthy mildew. Regular plumbing inspection and maintenance are good ways to prevent leaks and plumbing failures. If you notice watermarks on your walls don’t delay, call in a professional for help today.

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