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Water Purification Services

Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

Conditioning, softening, or purifying – let us customize a solution for you.

Your hair and appliances will thank you.

Plumbing Outfitters has a wide range of options for your water filtration needs. We can install whole-home units as well as smaller, under-the-counter units depending on your usage and needs. There are a number of conditioning, softening, or purifying options for the different types of filtration units on the market. Are you looking for reverse osmosis, activated carbon or a softening system?

There are many benefits of installing whole-home water filtration. Having clean, purified water in your home will save you money on buying bottled water while also helping the environment by reducing your plastic and single-use bottle purchases.

A water softener unit helps protect the life of your home plumbing system and your appliances by reducing the amount of minerals and chemicals that cause corrosion and damage. Removing minerals also improves the effectiveness of soaps and cleaning products, so you can use less and save money. Many people also experience less skin irritation.‍

Schedule an appointment by calling 512-269-1382. We will evaluate your needs and discuss the desired results you want from your water filtration system. We can advise what system you would benefit from most, and install a custom solution for you from a variety of quality water filter manufacturers.

Our water filtration system services include:

  • Whole-home water filter installation
  • Under the cabinet/sink water filtration unit installation
  • Water softener installation
  • Plumbing loop installation for water filter or softener system
  • Reverse osmosis water filters
  • Cation exchange water filter systems (water softeners)
  • Activated carbon water filters
  • Novo water softener installation
  • Flow-Tech Home Descaler

Call us at (512) 265-5742 to schedule your water filtration appointment today!

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