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We are licensed plumbing professionals serving Granger, TX and the surrounding areas.

When you experience a plumbing problem in your Granger, TX home or office, Plumbing Outfitters is the best choice when you want quality workmanship, affordable prices, and friendly, courteous service. Our service technicians have experience in virtually every aspect of plumbing, whether you have a stubborn drain clog or your water heater suddenly stops working. We know that Granger home and business owners have many options when it comes to plumbing professionals, but here at Plumbing Outfitters, we strive to be the best.

Our team has extensive experience when it comes to unclogging drains, fixing frozen or burst water lines, repairing and replacing garbage disposals, diagnosing and repairing water heater issues, and even repairing or replacing kitchen and bathroom faucets. There is no task too small and no project too large for the team at Plumbing Outfitters, and we are happy to serve all of Granger, TX and the surrounding areas. 

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Our Plumbing Services

Broken Waterline Service

When a water line breaks, it can cause serious damage to your property. In a matter of hours, a single break in a water line can cause thousands upon thousands of dollars in damage. The two main symptoms of a broken water line are wet spots on ceilings, floors, and walls that seem to appear out of nowhere and the sound of moving or dripping water behind your walls. If you are experiencing any of these problems, call Plumbing Outfitters right away. We provide experienced Granger plumbing service, so that we can repair your water line quickly and help you avoid extensive water damage.

Water Heater Repair, Replacement, and Installation

Water Heater Repair Services in Granger - Plumbing Outfitters

Your water heater is very important for your comfort, and when it stops working, it can be a serious inconvenience. If you are experiencing a lack of hot water in your home, then the water heater is most likely the culprit and you should call Plumbing Outfitters right away. Our team has worked with a wide range of water heater models, and we can provide you with the repairs you need to restore your comfort. In some cases, your best option may be replacing your older water heater for a newer model. Our team can help you decide which water heater replacement is right for you, then get your new appliance installed quickly – all at competitive prices.

Toilet Clogs

Clogged Toilet and Repair in Granger, TX - Plumbing Outfitters

A clogged toilet can be a real problem, especially if you only have one toilet in your Granger, TX home or office. If you are experiencing a clog and the plunger just isn’t doing the trick, contact Plumbing outfitters today. Avoid using liquid products that claim to unclog drains as these can often just make the problem worse and create a health hazard. Instead, give the friendly team at Plumbing Outfitters a call so that we can unclog your toilet professionally – without creating more issues or causing more damage.

The Best Granger Plumbing Team

Despite having multiple choices for plumbing companies in and around the Granger, TX area, our clients have come to trust us to handle all of their plumbing needs. Our goal is to provide friendly service and quality workmanship that is both efficient and affordable. We offer outstanding transparency in our pricing, so you will never be surprised by your bill. If you are experiencing a plumbing problem, or if you need a plumber to help you with a project of any kind, give us a call today at (512) 265-5742.

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