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Leak Detection and Repair Services - Plumbing Outfitters

If your water bill is getting higher and you can’t figure out why your water usage has gone up, you may have a leak. A plumber can help pinpoint the problem.

A water leak can be a challenge to find. If you can’t actually see where the water is coming from you will need to call a professional. Anything from a broken toilet flapper valve to cracked water lines could be causing you to lose water. It’s important to find and fix these leaks before they get worse and cause more damage.

A water leak can be very destructive. The water hose from the washer leaking onto the floor is a big problem. A leaky line below the sink will damage the area beneath, causing wood to weaken and mold to grow.

Leaks that aren’t taken care of immediately can get very expensive. You’re being charged for water being lost instead of used. It could be saturating wood and drywall behind the pipe and turn into a huge repair. If a leak goes unchecked the cost to fix it continues to rise as it worsens.

Leak Detection and Repair Services - Plumbing Outffiters

Types of leaks we can help with:

  • Pipes leaking under sinks
  • Cracked Wall lines
  • Toilet leaks
  • Hot water heater leaks
  • Foundational slab leaks

If you’re experiencing a leak, don’t wait! Call our plumbers now at (512) 265-5742.  They will come out to locate and repair your leak today!

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