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5 Reasons Why Leak Detection is Crucial to Catch Early On - Plumbing Outfitters

Having a leak can be a real pain. Water is being lost somewhere and dripping onto whatever is below it. It’s important to find the source as quickly as possible and fix the leak.

A leaky water line somewhere in your plumbing causes water waste and can damage the drywall or wood in the home. The longer the water drips and leaks the worse it gets. It will cause more water damage and become more expensive to repair if it isn’t found immediately. If you quickly find and repair the leak, you won’t spend as much on your water bill or fixing further damage it might cause.

Reduce Damages and Expenses

A leak that goes unnoticed can cause some problems. A leaky toilet could create brown and yellow stains on the ceiling in the room below the bathroom. It can waste thousands of gallons of water a year that you pay for on your water bill. These hidden leaks can cause your floors, ceilings, and walls to rot from the moisture damage.

Save Your Foundation

When water is leaking it can cause a lot of structural damage. It can cause cracks and stains on your walls. Underground water and sewer slab leaks can damage the foundation of your home. These leaks can cause buildings to sink or shift and create uneven floors. Rodents love warm, moist areas where leaks are present under homes and they can also cause worse damage.

Keep Water Flowing Properly Through Pipes

Water leaks will cause low pressure in your pipes. The water can’t flow as forcefully because it’s leaking somewhere on its way to the faucet or showerhead. If you have a leak in the ground or a toilet that just won’t stop running, it can lower your water pressure significantly. A plumber can pinpoint and repair these leaks so you can enjoy stronger water pressure in the shower.

Leaks Cause Mold And Mildew

Moisture from water leaks causes the area beneath them to become damp and soggy. This will weaken and warp the wood under your sinks and cabinets. It can cause foul smells and mold to grow. When you open the cabinet, a lingering, musty smell could be waiting for you.

Leaks Usually Aren’t Detected Until It’s Too Late

Many leaks aren’t visible to the naked eye. By the time you see it, it probably has already caused some major problems. Many leaks are hidden behind walls, under floors, and inside appliances, like cracked dishwasher or ice maker lines. Leaks can damage and discolor the drywall. If your water bill is rising or inexplicably high, you probably have a leak somewhere.

Dripping faucets, loose piping, and cracked water lines can cause a lot of damage to your home if you don’t notice it right away. Be sure to have your pipes inspected for leaks and maintained regularly. If you can catch a leak right away it can be repaired before it causes expensive damage. If you suspect you may have a hidden water leak, call Plumbing outfitters today at 512-269-1382.

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