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It may seem overwhelming to learn that there is yet another aspect of home maintenance to worry about, but backflow testing is very important to health and public safety. Having your system inspected by a licensed plumber ensures that water pressure levels are adequate to maintain the proper flow of wastewater out of the plumbing system. Improper flow can cause pipes to corrode or rupture and allow filthy water to mix with your clean water supply. Contaminated water can make your family and the community very sick.

Backflow can happen when water runs the wrong way through the piping system. This water is not safe to drink and you can never be sure when it will happen. Even city workers performing routine hydrant maintenance can lead to low pressure and backflow. This water running back through the system can contaminate the water coming from the tap.

Having backflow testing done helps ensure that your water is safe and clean. The testing process usually takes about thirty minutes to complete. There is no preparation necessary for the homeowner except being aware that the water will be shut off for a while. Here’s a little more information about the backflow tester that is used.

To begin the backflow test plumbers turn off the downstream shut-off valve and wait a few minutes for it to settle. Then they hook up test hoses and open and close gate and relief valves on their tester and read the gauges. The tester will help the professional to identify water leaks, low-pressure areas, and irregularities in the plumbing system and how to best fix them. This is done to ensure that check valves are preventing backflow, that air ports are opening when they should, and that relief valves are opening at the correct pressure.

One very important reason to schedule annual backflow testing is that it is required by law for most businesses where the property comes in contact with public water. This could result in hefty fines if inspections aren’t completed and documented. You should have backflow testing performed annually by a licensed plumber. This simple step can prevent larger repair costs, plumbing problems, and health hazards.

Cross-connection points in your plumbing system are at risk for backflow. These cross-connections are points where wastewater and potable water meet in your plumbing. If you have a backflow preventer, it will stop dirty water from coming back in through the faucet. You still have to have the system inspected and tested regularly to prevent a malfunction. These mechanical devices will eventually need to be repaired or replaced.

Backflow testing is inexpensive and doesn’t take long at all. A plumber uses his equipment to check your plumbing and make sure pressures are adequate for wastewater and clean water to flow as they should. Backflow testing protects your drinking water from unhealthy bacteria and impurities. Contact Plumbing Outfitters today and schedule backflow testing for your home or business. They will make sure everything is flowing properly and fix the problems if they aren’t.

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