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6 Signs Your Faucet Needs Repair - Plumbing Outfitters

An efficient faucet keeps our daily life running smoothly. Don’t let a leaky faucet or discolored water ruin your day; it’s not good for the environment or you and your family.

Whenever you spot a leaky faucet, you should call a plumber immediately. The sooner you fix it, the better. Here are six warning signs that signal your faucet needs repair.

Faulty/outdated parts

Faucets are often the last thing replaced during a renovation, especially when operating on low budgets. If you are renovating an old house or simply refreshing the style of your home, ask your contractor to replace outdated faucets and sinks.

Faucets, like many things, suffer wear and tear with time. It will not only prevent leaks and damage if you replace outdated faucets, but it will also give a fresh look to your interior and add modern functionality to the kitchen and bathrooms.

Dysfunctional valve

You may notice that a valve won’t stop dripping water even after turning it off. This is a sign that it is damaged and needs to be replaced. Don’t delay the change, as it might stop working altogether. Wasting water isn’t environmentally friendly, inflates utility bills, and will destroy your plumbing. Therefore, to keep your kitchen/bathroom dry and your sink hygienic, call a plumber and replace the faucet.

Abnormal water pressure

Abnormal water pressure in your faucet signifies one of the following — clogged pipes, water leaks, lack of water supply, or a faulty faucet. An experienced professional will identify the cause and repair the fixture accordingly.

Rusting or corrosion

Rusted faucets are the next sign that your faucet requires a replacement. Rusting on faucets is a red flag when your faucet is old and becomes less effective. Corroded pipes and faucets in the kitchen sink impact the water quality, making it hazardous to consume.


Leaky faucets keep costing you money even when they aren’t on. If not repaired in time, a leaky fixture in your bathroom or kitchen can cause significant damage. Be sure to call your Austin Texas leak detection plumber right away and assess if you need a repair or a replacement.

Foul-smelling or discolored water

Is the water still smelling foul or looking discolored even after repairing the faucet? This is a sign of rusting in pipes rather than the fixture itself. Any discoloration in your water makes it dangerous to consume; you shouldn’t even be brushing your teeth with it. Doing so can make you sick. Call a plumber to check your water pipes as soon as possible.

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