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Faucet leaks can be annoying and disgusting. When the faucet is already off and water continues to drip and dribble out constantly. This can cause staining in the sink, flooding in the kitchen or bathroom, and elevated water bills. Water leaking around the fixture is unsightly and can cause costly damage. If the water is leaking around the faucet seal, it can destroy the seals and soak the wood beneath the sink. It will become saturated and spongy, leading to unhealthy bacteria and mildew growth. As time goes on and the faucet leak worsens, the damage will become even more costly to repair.

Faucets are one of the most important fixtures in your home and they have to be kept in good repair. Leaving a leaking faucet unchecked can result in disaster. A simple repair could become a major replacement project if a leak is ignored. Fixing a leaky faucet can also save you around 10% on your water bill. There can be several causes for a dripping faucet, let’s talk about some of these culprits and how an experienced plumber can fix it and stop the leak.

There are several reasons a faucet can spring a leak. Corrosion is the main cause of faucet leaks. Mineral build-up wears at the faucet’s internal parts and eventually makes them weak. These deposits can cause parts to malfunction or break entirely. A broken washer, gasket, or o-ring can also cause a faucet to leak incessantly.

A corroded valve seat can cause a leak near the spout. Having valve seats cleaned regularly can prevent buildup and sediment. If the washer in a faucet isn’t installed properly or becomes worn, it can start to leak around the spout. The stem screw that holds a faucet handle in place has an o-ring attached. If the o-ring becomes loose or worn the faucet can start to drip near the handle.

It can be difficult to pinpoint a leak without experience and specialized equipment. Plumbers have the equipment necessary to accurately find the source of the leak. Without a plumber’s expertise and equipment, pinpointing a hidden leak can be almost impossible. Plumbers are very experienced with the inner workings of your faucets and the way water travels through the plumbing system. They can find the leak quickly and make the necessary repairs without any guesswork.

Listening to a dripping faucet can be enough to drive you batty. Aside from that, a leaking faucet could add 3,000 extra usage gallons to your water bill over the year if left unrepaired. These leaks can have a few different causes. Calling in a professional ensures that the problem is properly identified and fixed. You don’t have to try to figure out how to deal with your own plumbing, let a plumbing professional come in and check out the faulty faucet to determine whether it can be repaired, or will need to be replaced. If a dripping faucet is keeping you awake at night, don’t delay, call Plumbing Outfitters. Their friendly, knowledgeable technicians will have that leaky faucet repaired in no time.

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