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6 Helpful Spring Plumbing Tips - Plumbing Outfitters

Regular spring maintenance can help you keep your home in top shape year-round. Spring is the perfect time to check up on your plumbing fixtures and make sure your home is well-prepared for the busy seasons ahead. Check out these helpful spring plumbing tips!

Spring Plumbing Tips

Inspect Your Sump Pump

As Georgetown plumbers know well, this part of Texas has several areas with known flood risks. Keeping your sump pump clean and functional is an important part of preparing your home for such hazards, which are particularly common in the spring season. Check if your sump pump is functioning properly by pouring water into the pump basin and making sure the float switch lifts, the motor turns on, and the water drains. If it’s not functioning, call a plumber.

Clean the Gutters and Downspout

Check all your gutters, yard drains, and downspouts for leaves, dirt, and debris. Clear them out and clean them thoroughly so spring rain showers can flow freely through the gutters and away from your home.

Check Your Water Heater


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Take a look at the temperature setting on your water heater and ensure it doesn’t exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is adequate to keep your clothes, dishes, and yourself clean. Maintaining your water heater will help you avoid dangerously scalding temperatures. You can also drain a few gallons of water from the heater to flush out sediment and increase the system’s lifespan. If your system isn’t delivering proper heat at this setting, it might be time to consider a water heater replacement.

Test Outdoor Faucets, Hoses, and Sprinklers

Prepare for your season of spring planting by inspecting your outdoor faucets, sprinklers, and hoses for leaks, cracks, or other signs of damage. Though Georgetown residents rarely see freezing temperatures, your hoses, and sprinklers may have frozen over, especially if they had less use during the winter months. In case your home experienced freezing temperatures last winter, it’s important to make sure that you don’t have any frozen pipes that can damage your equipment.

Exercise Your Valves

Your home has water supply valves behind each toilet and under every sink. These control the water flow to the individual installations. You probably don’t pay much attention to your water valves when things are functioning properly, but they’re essential in the event of a leak or broken plumbing. Turn the valves on and off routinely to prevent them from stiffening up. This way, you can easily turn off the water when needed before calling emergency plumbers in Georgetown for a fast fix.

Look for Toilet Leaks

Checking your toilets for proper function is a handy part of your spring maintenance routine. Just add a few drops of food coloring to the tank on your toilet. Wait 30 minutes without flushing the toilet to see if the dye transfers to the bowl. If so, you have a leak that may result from a broken joint or seal, which often requires professional plumbing services.

If these activities reveal any issues or concerns, contact our team at Plumbing Outfitters. Whether you need a Georgetown emergency plumber or routine plumbing services, we can help you keep your home in great shape this season.

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