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You’ve just come home from a long day at work, and all you want is to take a hot shower and relax. But discolored shower water comes out when you turn on the tap, and what was supposed to be relaxing seems far less inviting. Thankfully, this water rarely means you’ll need to move or gut your house. Still, you’ll want to search for “local plumbers near me” sooner rather than later.

What Makes your Shower Water Discolored

Discolored water likely doesn’t mean your water supply is contaminated. Many times, it’s simply a sign of minerals, iron, or other sediments that can accumulate in water mains over time, particularly if you have hard water. All water has these sediments, but modern filters remove many of them to the point where they’re typically undetectable.

There are four primary things that make your shower water discolored. The first is that your water supply is rusty. A main break or nearby construction can stir these sediments up and cause this tainted water. If the water throughout your home is discolored, no matter the faucet location or water temperature, this is a sign it’s your water supply.

The second reason is your home’s plumbing is rusty. You can tell the issue is rusty plumbing if your water is discolored every morning or after you haven’t used the water for an extended period. If your water runs clear after a few minutes, you’ll likely need to replace rusty pipes in your home.

Finally, this brownish water may be from a rusty faucet or a water heater. If only a specific tap produces discolored water, you’ll likely need to replace that faucet or showerhead. Similarly, if your water is brown only when you run hot water, it may be rust or sediment buildup in your hot water tank. In this case, you’ll need to contact a plumber for water heater repair or replacement.

Is Discolored Shower Water Safe?

Luckily, brown or yellowish water isn’t toxic. The iron that produces this discolored water naturally occurs in small quantities in your drinking water, so it’s likely safe to shower or bathe in discolored water. Still, you should avoid drinking it if possible because consuming large quantities of water with high levels of iron can offset your blood’s natural iron balance.

Additionally, rusty water can provide a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. A rust buildup can also corrode and crack your plumbing pipes, exposing your water supply to airborne contaminants. Similarly, leaking pipes can grow mold and mildew in your home, so handling this issue quickly is important.

Getting Rid of Brown Water

If you notice any rust-like stains by your water fixtures or see discolored water, search for “emergency plumbers near me” as soon as possible. And as you seek the “best plumbers near me,” consider Plumbing Outfitters.

Our team of licensed plumbing professionals can diagnose the source of your discolored water and help eliminate it. And if the cause of the issue is your water heater, we can install a new tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters can save money and space and last longer than traditional water heaters.

So if you’re in the Taylor, Texas, area and need a professional plumbing consultation, contact us online or call 512-269-1382.

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