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Taking the cheaper route could come with some nasty consequences and become more expensive in the long run. Hiring a private plumber with no certification, license, or insurance could be risky. Your insurance company may not pay claims if the work was performed by private plumbers. If you are renting or leasing a property, all repairs should be performed by a licensed plumber to avoid possible lawsuits from the property owner. Licensed contractors perform to a standard and will do quality work. You’re taking a gamble when you use private contractors.

No Insurance Protection

Plumbing repairs can be expensive and take some time to complete. Using a contractor with no insurance leaves you vulnerable. Liability insurance protects homeowners and plumbers if unexpected damage occurs. Inexperienced plumbers can make costly mistakes. If an unlicensed contractor or his helpers are injured while working in your home, you could be held financially liable for their medical bills.

Permits and Authorization

Local ordinances may require that work permits be obtained or inspections are performed. A plumber must be fully licensed and insured to get the proper permits or you may face violations or fines. These permits exist to ensure that only qualified professionals are working on your plumbing project to prevent further mistakes and damage. Local authorities use these permits to protect homeowners and the area’s water supply.

Slow or Poor Results

Find an experienced, professional plumber that has received good reviews from other customers. Make sure you choose a contractor that works to a high standard of quality. Licensed plumbers know how to find the problem quickly and fix your system with as little damage as possible. They are familiar with important local regulations and codes. Experienced plumbers know how to get your plumbing ready to pass any inspection. If a plumber isn’t trained properly, you could risk major damage to your home’s plumbing system. You could end up with major leaks or worse, contaminated water.

Damage or Accidents

Inexperienced plumbers can cause further damage and disrepair. If an unlicensed contractor makes a major mistake, you could be left with a huge mess. Homeowner’s insurance may not cover damage that results from hiring unlicensed or uninsured plumbers. Always choose a fully certified, insured expert for all of your plumbing needs so you don’t end up with even higher expenses or unexpected messes. When qualified plumbers are handling the repairs, they take steps to minimize damage and further costs in the process.

Get What You Pay For

Hiring a friend that claims to know a lot about plumbing could be a huge mistake. They may be inflating their abilities to make some money. Finding a professional for your repair or installation is the safest route. You know the work will be done correctly and that you are protected if anything unexpected happens. You don’t want to end up with ordinance violations or be sued in court. Give yourself some peace of mind and security. Let the licensed professionals at Plumbing Outfitters handle all of your plumbing problems and get things done right the first time.

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