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Reasons Why Tankless Water Heaters are so Popular - Plumbing Outfitters

Water heaters with tanks are big and bulky. They can take up a lot of space in your home. Tankless water heaters are much smaller and have become very popular for many reasons.

Conserving Energy

Tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient. They heat water instantly instead of holding it in a tank to reheat constantly. Even if no one is home, water heaters with tanks fire up and heat the water in the tank. This wastes a lot of energy. You could make a huge difference in your utility costs. Tankless water heaters save hundreds of dollars a year by reducing energy usage.

On-Demand Hot Water

Tankless water heaters heat water consistently. You will never run out of hot water before you finish your shower because it is heated as it is used. There’s no bulky tank to heat continuously. There’s no limit to the amount of hot water you can use because there’s no tank to run empty.

Saving Space

You can save some space in your home by switching to a tankless water heater. A water heater with a tank can take up most of a small closet or a large area of your basement. They are unsightly and bulky. No one wants to look in the back of the closet and see a huge white water tank sitting there.

Saving Money

Buying energy-efficient appliances pays off in more ways than one. Not only do you save lots of money on utility bills with tankless water heaters, but you can also find great incentives and offers for buying energy-efficient appliances. It’s a sure-win situation. You could even qualify for a federal tax credit to offset the cost of your purchase and installation fees.

Tankless water heater units do cost a bit more. The excess price is worth it in the long run. The tankless water heater will last longer than tank units so you won’t need to replace it as often. The amount you will save on energy costs will also make you smile.


Tankless water heaters can be operated with gas or electricity. No matter what way you choose to fuel your water heater, there are still tankless options out there for you. They eliminate water and heat loss from water being reheated constantly in the standby tank. This gives you a continuous supply of hot water when you need it. You can fill your bathtub with steamy, hot water without worrying about emptying the tank.

Limit Potential Damage

Tankless water heaters do not have a big bulky tank with the potential to rupture. This is especially important when your water heater is located in an interior area or an upstairs space. When tanks rupture they have a high possibility of creating expensive water damage repairs. By switching to a tankless system, you are making sure you won’t come home to a flooded house from your tank-type heater. Also, check with your home insurance provider! Many providers provide a premium discount for tankless systems due to this very fact.

Best Long-Term Value

Tankless water heaters are a great investment. If you have had the same water heater for years, it’s worth buying a new one that will save energy and money. You will have an endless supply of hot water anytime. They’re drastically smaller than tank units so they will save space in your home. Tankless units are just a better choice all around.

If you are thinking of buying a tankless water heater, call Plumbing Outfitters today at 512-269-1382. Let one of our experienced professionals help you find the best model for your home. Our skilled plumbers can replace your old or broken water heater so you can start getting big savings on your utility costs.

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