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There’s nothing like coming home to a hot shower or bath after a long day. And, thanks to modern water heaters, there’s no longer a reason for you to suffer through the indignity of a freezing bath. Unfortunately, water heaters, like any other technology, can occasionally break. In this case, you’ll want to know why your water heater isn’t working and what you can do to get your hot water back. If your home isn’t producing hot water, these are the typical culprits.

Broken Components

While water heaters aren’t spaceships, they are complicated pieces of equipment. There are numerous parts of a water heater that, if broken, will compromise the entire heater’s function and leave you researching “emergency plumbers near me.” For example, your water heater’s internal thermometer is essential for it to operate normally, and this thermostat tells the heater when to turn on and heat more water. So, if it malfunctions, your heater won’t turn on as it will believe the water is already hot.

Another vital piece to a water heater is its dip tube. This plastic tube runs to the bottom of the heater’s tank and supplies it with new water. Additionally, it keeps the cold water from mixing with the hot water. If the dip tube breaks, it could cause the tank’s cold water to mix with the heated water at the top of the tank, resulting in lukewarm or tepid water.

Sediment or Rust

Sediment or rust buildup is another common issue that can mettle with your water heater. This problem is especially common if you have hard water. These tiny particles naturally occur in our water supply but can gather at the bottom of your water heater and stop the burner from operating effectively. A water-softening system can help slow the buildup of these particles, but you can only eliminate them by draining your tank.


Your water heater may become too old, like any other tool or equipment. Generally, you should expect to replace your water heater every eight to 12 years. Though it’s essential to note this lifespan varies significantly based on your water heater’s make, model, and level of use.

Wrong-Sized Heater

You may not get enough hot water because your heater isn’t big enough for your home, especially if you’ve recently moved or installed a new water heater. Similarly, even if your water heater isn’t too small, you may ask too much from it. For example, if you run the dishwasher, washing machine, and shower simultaneously, you’ll strain your water heater, even if you have a large tank. Make sure you’re running appliances when people in your household aren’t showering or bathing.

Don’t Go Without Hot Water

If you need water heater repair or other professional plumbing services and are searching for the “best plumbers near me,” consider Plumbing Outfitters. We can fix your current water heater or install a new tankless one. Tankless water heaters are more efficient, take up less space, and last longer. With a tankless water heater, you can ensure cold showers are a thing of the past. So, if you’re in the greater Austin, Texas, area looking for “local plumbers near me” and you’re interested in learning more about a tankless water heater or scheduling a consultation, contact us online or call 512-269-1382.

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