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If your drains seem plugged or are barely draining you might have a problem. Sometimes a plumber needs to come in and remove debris from your home’s drainage system to get the wastewater flowing out as it should. This can cause unhealthy bacteria and odors to develop in your drains. Let’s talk about some common signs of clogged drain problems and how a professional might be able to help you find and eliminate them.

When you are rinsing the dishes and the dirty dishwater refuses to go down, you’re left with a sink full of scum, debris, and dirty water. Shower and bath drains can accumulate materials until they become fully blocked and must be unclogged. This is dirty, inconvenient, and can leave a filthy residue on the walls of the shower or bathtub as the dirty water stands or slowly drains.

Your Piping System

The piping system in your home is like a weaving web. The pipes have certain bends and grades to carry clean water through your pipes then back out the home’s wastewater system. In places where the pipes curve, traps are formed where solids, grease, and other debris build-up to slow down water flow and eventually form hard clogs.


Flushing with hot water and plunging can sometimes do the trick. If the clog doesn’t break free, it is probably stubborn and won’t be moved with simple flushing or a plunger. Using chemical clog break-up products can be devastating to your home’s plumbing system. It can cause corrosion and damage to the pipes. Sometimes drain snakes can be used to find the clog and can then be pulled or twisted to break it loose.

Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes can cause water to be redirected causing lots of annoying problems. Slow drainage, backups, low pressure, and even flooding can occur as a result of pipe clogs causing major damage and stress. Finding and fixing a clog in your pipes can become complicated and costly. Having a professional take care of it can save you time and additional expenses.

Wastewater drainage usually runs out through a mainline and sublines. Toilets, sinks, and showers are common places for clogs to get started and cause problems in the entire system. An experienced plumber can analyse the situation and narrow down the possibilities. They can determine whether there is a single clog in the system or whether there are worse issues with the main to the sewer.

When you have tried everything you can to get the water draining and nothing seems to work, it’s probably time to call the professionals. They have the tools and technology to remove stubborn clogs and clear debris quickly and efficiently. A quick fix might create a small opening in the blocked area or could help temporarily. but chances are it will be clogged again before you know it. Plumbing Outfitters can come out and find the clog for you and address any mainline drain issues that could be causing a backup, call today.

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