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The US fire department receives about 340 no ignition natural leak complaints every day. The most common reason for gas pipe leaks is faulty fittings and lack of maintenance. Leaking ignition pipes can quickly become catastrophic, which is why you need an expert to install your gas pipes. The most qualified for this job is a trained and licensed plumber.

Here are five compelling reasons to hire a licensed plumber for your gas pipe installation:

It is mandatory by law

Some states in the US make it compulsory for homeowners to get their gas pipes installed by certified professionals. As per Texas residential codes, it is illegal to install, remove, extend, or modify a gas line. Even if you live in an area where the law doesn’t require it, avoid DIY methods for installing and repairing gas pipes, as incorrect practices can quickly escalate into a hazardous event.

A professional ensures your safety

Natural gas is highly combustible, as even a single spark can lead to a raging, full-fledged fire. To ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones, let an expert handle the gas pipe installation. A professional plumber will use the right equipment while observing the necessary precautions and preventive measures during and after installation. When it comes to gas pipe installation, it is better to err on the side of caution.

A certified plumber knows his pipes

A licensed plumber has in-depth technical knowledge of the various pipes and fittings that will work best for your home. Their insight comes in handy when dealing with old and corroded pipelines. A professional plumber can help you choose suitable replacement pipes to improve your premises’ safety and efficiency.

They have expertise in appliances

A gas pipe connects to multiple appliances in your house. You can fuel the water heater, fireplace, grills, and more with natural gas. However, an undersized gas system can lead to severe frustrations down the road. A licensed plumber is well versed in gas pipe installation, sizing the system, and repairing these devices too. Communicate your needs and preferences to your plumber. It will help him configure your home accordingly and guide you on making the best use of your appliances.

Utility companies require you to call professionals

If your old gas pipeline leaks, the utility provider will shut off your gas supply to avoid a potential fire-related accident which can quickly spread to adjoining areas. Since most utility providers require you to get your gas pipes repaired by a professional, the only reasonable thing to do is hire a licensed plumber for the job.

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