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5 Benefits of a New Water Softener System For Your Home - Plumbing Outfitters

Home water softeners use an ion exchange process to treat the hard water and remove damaging minerals from the water running through your pipes. These mineral ions are trapped within the system by a resin and are then exchanged for potassium and sodium ions. Here’s a helpful read about how water softeners work. Home water softeners can be a huge relief for homeowners that are battling hard water. Let’s talk about five major reasons having a water softener system might be a good choice for your family.

1. Water Softener Systems Reduce Expenses

Preventing mineral buildup in your pipes can slow corrosion and make your pipes last a lot longer. The buildup within the system narrows the pipe over time. This makes the pump run harder and uses more energy to move the water. It can lead to avoidable damage, leaks, repair bills, and higher utility costs.

2. Cleaner and Softer Laundry

With hard water, you have to use twice as much detergent to get the job done. Softened water can penetrate the clothes better and rinses away the dirt. Hard water can leave clothes looking faded and dingy and cause yellowing in your whites. Softened water leaves clothes cleaner, brighter, and softer against your skin. It helps your skin stay moisturized and keeps its natural oils to prevent itchy, irritated skin.

3. Better Hair and Skin

Soft water is much better for hair and skin health than hard water. Hard water doesn’t dissolve properly with soaps and shampoos. It forms soap scum and leaves a nasty residue. Soft water makes a deeper lather, feels better on the skin, and doesn’t have a mineral odor.

4. Increase the Life of Appliances and Fixtures

Hard water can cause residue that damages your plumbing system and fixtures. It can corrode your faucets and build up inside appliances. Your washing machine and dishwasher could be damaged by the mineral deposits hard water leaves behind. Your coffee maker and ice maker can also be damaged or be less efficient because of hard water. Scale and mineral buildup also cause damage to water heaters.

5. Doesn’t leave residue on dishes and surfaces

Hard water can leave dishes looking dingy and white plates yellowed. Softened water rinses away completely without leaving a dull look or a layer of soap scum behind. When you wash dishes with softened water, tough grease and grime will come off much easier. Dish liquid will lather well and do its job better. When you rinse the dishes they will shine brightly and be much whiter. When you use water for cleaning solutions it will be free of excess minerals and work more efficiently.

Having hard water in your home can be annoying and costly. Dissolved minerals in your pipes mix with the groundwater along the way. Calcium and magnesium are two of the main culprits that cause buildup and scale. This buildup can damage your pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Installing a home water softener system is a good way to protect your plumbing system overall and keep those pesky minerals out of your water. Plumbing Outfitters professionals can help you find a water softener system that’s right for your home.

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