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Backflow Testing

Inspection, Testing & Installation

This essential safety device ensures that your water supply is protected in the event of sudden pressure changes that cause a backflow problem.

Water should only flow in one direction.

Backflow is the mixing of dirty or contaminated water with clean water. It can happen when there is a sudden pressure loss in water pipes causing the water flow to reverse. Water main breaks, or unexpected high usage that overtaxes a municipal’s system are examples of how it can happen. To be sure your water supply stays clean and uncontaminated, you should have a backflow preventer installed.

It is important to have your backflow device inspected and tested yearly to ensure that it is functioning properly. Incorporating this into your annual building or home maintenance is ideal.

Plumbing Outfitters has qualified, licensed, and trained plumbing technicians available for routine plumbing inspections and maintenance, including backflow testing.

Choose Plumbing Outfitters to ensure your family and community are safe from cross contaminations. Call us today at (512) 265-5742 to schedule your backflow testing .

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